The studio

Design Your Dream Rug

Select Your Size (should have the price for each size accompanying the rug in the infographic)

(Below have three rough dimensions for sizes that people can select from (like small, medium and large) done in infographic style))

Select Your Fabric

**This one is a big question mark for me: should we give people the choice of fabric or do we just offer Cactus Fiber April-September and the Wool October-March so we create demand for our products, seasonal selections and consistent branding on the IG?

Select Your Color

Need to offer a color wheel for the cactus style rugs since we have so many colors to choose from and for the wool, we need to display white with black, white with brown, white with color.

Select Your Pattern

Here we could either have a place for people to select a style of pattern or we could have a “notes” section so that people can say if they want a diamond-checkered wool rug, etc.